Positron emission tomography (PET) is a nuclear medicine imaging strategy which produces a 3-dimensional picture of functional processes. PET is most typically utilised by oncologists (physicians specializing in cancer remedy), neurologists and neurosurgeons (physicians specializing in treatment and surgery of the brain and nervous technique), and cardiologists (doctors specializing in the remedy of the heart).

A procedure in which a small quantity of radioactive glucose (sugar) is injected into a vein, and a scanner is utilized to make detailed, computerized pictures of regions inside the physique where the glucose is taken up. Since cancer cells typically take up far more glucose than standard cells, the pictures can be utilized to locate cancer cells in the body.

Provided their modest size, we will just hold an eye on them and recheck a CT scan in three months (NOT A PET SCAN!) Of course, if they are bigger, then I will most likely have to get a PET scan (but, if feasible, I will vote for a biopsy as an alternative).

It is essential to keep in mind that PET and SPECT scans must be performed only by experienced neurologists who have executed a massive volume of Parkinson’s disease scans, because encounter is critical in accurately reading these imaging final results.

For instance, a program that only covers routine checkups with a expense of $5.00 a month, is not practically as very good of a deal as a plan that fees $10.00 a month but covers routine medical professional visits, emergency visits, cancer, and prescription drugs.

PET scans demand the injection of a modest amount of biologically relevant material like oxygen or glucose (sugar) which have been labeled with radio nuclides such as carbon-11, nitrogen-13, oxygen-15 and fluorine-18 (fluorine-18 is the most frequent).

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