How Old Is Your Guinea Pig? (And The 1 Point That Your Pet Retailer Clerk

Using our resources over the previous forty years, we have forged wonderful relationships with some of the ideal suppliers and breeders this business has to supply. With a Zoological license we are certified to generate and sell exotic species. The strength of Lous is buyer service excellence and obtaining a passionate group with detailed knowledge in every category. Taking pride in every little thing from animal nutrition to breeding plan improvement.

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All of our pets are guaranteed pleased and wholesome. Our facility is USDA and AKC licensed and inspected. We will post photographs and info about the animals we have available. Even so, for the animals’ greatest interest, we do not sell any animal on-line with no a direct interaction with the purchaser, so if you see something you like get in touch with us at the store for more details.

For about a week, my betta acted lethargic and seemed to drop his appetite. I changed his water, but there was no distinction in his temperament. Soon after hunting at photos and descriptions of sick betas online, I thought he might have a fungal infection. Just to be positive I bought Jungle’s Lifeguard product, which is supposed to treat anything bacterial or fungal. I’ve employed it for the past 5 days, as directed, and given that today is the sixth day, I did a 25% water alter, as directed. Nonetheless, he still will not consume his food and is constantly lying at the bottom of the tank. I’m at a loss for what else to do. I’ve had him for about a year and a half.

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