Leading 10 Peculiar Pets

For this list, we will only be seeking at weird, strange, uncommon, or uncommon pets, but we will be drawing the line at livestock since those animals are a list for an additional day. Alopochen aegyptiaca (Egyptian Goose)- Seldom breeds successfully and not listed as established in Florida (but present from continued escapes from private collections), nonetheless it is stated right here that there are expanding feral populations in Texas.

Just as the plaintiffs in Wright and New York City Buddies of Ferrets challenged ferret bans, Gerald and Heidi Rhoades asserted that their city’s ordinance prohibiting exotic pets, which includes their pet serval, caiman, and cougars, violated the equal protection clause.

It provides little insight and intelligence, but a lot of berating by so-named ‘experts’ that mindlessly parrot (no pun intended) what they’ve discovered about special pets from (possibly) the Humane Society of the United States and related organizations.

As the respective courts did in Wright , New York City Friends of Ferrets , and Rhoades , the Iowa Supreme Court employed the rational partnership test in evaluating Kent’s claim, holding that the county interest in public well being and security was sufficiently related to the ban on keeping unsafe animals as pets.

Considering that courts recognize public well being and safety as genuine government interests, and since exotic pet regulations are rationally connected to securing the public wellness and safety, owners have lost all such equal protection challenges.

I can acquire that it is achievable Steve Irwin-esque applications could have increased interest in reptiles, which inadvertently would also lead to an interest in owning them as pets just as viewing lions may lead to interest in visiting Africa to view them.

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