More Than Just Horse Insurance

Most horse owners are aware of horse insurance and its benefits. Horses are very large and usually require a vet to come to a horse to provide care. That factor alone causes horse medical treatment to be more costly than care for a smaller animal. But there are other types of animal insurance which are less well known but can provide equally important benefits for pet owners.

Insurance for cattle and livestock can be very similar to insurance for a horse. It is available in full and limited mortality and the cost and limitations vary depending on the animal’s health and age. Short term coverage can also be purchased to cover an animal during transit. Basic health coverage is also a good idea for these large animals as the cost of vet visits is much higher than treatment for a small animal which can be taken to a veterinary clinic.

In addition, there are special policies available for exotic animals such as elk, bison, llamas, alpacas and camels. Again, these are large animals which are not easy to transport and may not even be tame enough to transport. In the case of exotics, the investment in each animal is normally quite large and an insurance policy is a good means of protecting your financial investment. The policy will cover basic perils such as fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, tornado, hail and explosion. Additional coverage can be included to cover accidental shooting, drowning, attach by dogs or wild animals, collapse of a building and theft.

Another important animal to insure is a valuable show, hunting or breeding dog. Although dogs are easier to transport to a vet, valuable dogs are still susceptible to perils and theft. Protecting your investment in a dog as well as covering some cost for medical issues is simply a wise choice.

Horse insurance is just one of the many types of insurance available for a wide range of animals that are financial and business investments. Make a call today to learn more about the policies that can protect you and your animals.