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My betta fish got a white spot by his eye a couple weeks ago. I went to the pet store and have bee providing him a medice for fungus. It has been more than a week that I have been giving him medicine and it is just receiving worse. Now the white spot has a little red on the side. I have had him for three years and practically nothing like this has ever occurred. Please assist.

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My fish has one particular kind of large white dot on the leading of his head it looks considerably like a bubble Cn you tell me what this is and what i can do to support it? Also anytime i put my face up to the tank to look at him, cheeks blow up and i know that means he feels threatened or scared but why to me? PLEASE Aid ME Assist HIM!

I just purchased a betta from Walmart final night and I woke up and it has cotton stuff all over it really is physique. I looked on the web and assumed after reading information. that it was a fungus. I went to petsmart and bought medicine for fungus but now my betta is just floating at the leading of the tank, barely breathing on it’s side. I touched him and he barely attempted moving but fairly a lot just stayed laying on it’s side. Does any person know if there is anything else I can do? Thank you.

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