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The water need to be de-chlorinated and the temperature must be about 25º C. If the water is as well cold, use a tank heater. The water must be changed often, as it will get murky. You can use a filter, but it is essential when you add other fish to the tank.

Our betta fish Toopy is about 9 months old. About a week ago, he started having a loss of appetite and he’s swimming funny, like he’s dragging his tail, which has small red dots on the end. He stays at the bottom a lot. We feed him only dried blood worms, which prior to he would devour in a couple of minutes, but lately he won’t eat at all. Please help.

Situations at numerous pet shops are inadequate at greatest at worst, they are outright abusive. Puppies are usually kept in wire-bottomed cages tiny animals such as mice, hamsters, gerbils, and rats are usually crammed en masse into little, filthy, crowded cages fish who were meant to swim freely in their ocean, lake, or river houses are lowered to circling the very same couple of cubic inches of water in tanks that are usually dirty and crowded and exotic birds are typically kept in tiny cages, which prevents them from satisfying their natural demands to fly and socialize with other folks of their personal species.

Im am worried about my Betta fish. I came back from trip and his water was terrible. So i cleaned out his tank leaving about 50% old water for him. I also added some water drops due to the fact the water out of our sink is incredibly challenging. I am not confident if cleaning his tank caused this dilemma, but around the same time, he hasn’t been active. his sits in the fake plant at the best of the tank. Does not swim around, doesn’t consume, his colour is slightly faded, and he also has some weird ‘stripes’ on his body. going from lighter scales to darker scales. He does not seem to have any ‘puffiness’ and i know he doesn’t have ‘ick’ or any fungus increasing on him. But I am not confident how to act. I looked at some of the symptoms on this internet site, and thought that he might be depressed. However I am not sure. Can any individual help? I truly never want Mr. Fish to pass away!

Zany Zoo remains committed to the community by offering only nearby, family members raised puppies, kittens, birds, tiny animals, captive bred reptiles and exotics. Of course we also carry all of the supplies and all of the suitable food to supply for your pet’s properly getting, care and play. Our neighborhood presentations and free weekend petting zoos are our way of not only entertaining potential animal owners, but educating the neighborhood about suitable animal care and responsible pet ownership.

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