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Films and Tv shows keep depicting wild animals as enjoyable and friendly characters with human-like personalities. It’s not probably that Alley has knowledge in caring for higher upkeep exotic pets like her 9 lemurs (it is stated that Alley has kept lemurs for decades” but not stated if it is direct), as such animals would need a life-style that can’t be accommodated by the travel-heavy way of life that celebrities indulge in.

Besides getting challenged for discriminating among classifications of exotic pet owners and domestic pet owners, regulations have also been challenged for discriminating amongst private pet ownership and other possessions of wild animals for research and educational purposes.

Debbie Leahy, manager of captive wildlife protection at the Humane Society of the United States, said that it is simpler for someone in Wisconsin to personal a hazardous exotic animal, such as a tiger, than to own a native animal, such as a white-tailed deer.

There are fish kept in tanks too tiny (check out the common beta bowl practice), dogs left in backyards that are not supplied with adequate mental stimulation (canine behavioral problems are certainly not new), and parrots (technically exotic pets) that can effortlessly live to be one hundred that are purchased on a whim and are kept on common seed diets that will in the end shorten that lifespan to about 50 years of undesirable well being and inadequate socialization.

The list includes numerous hugely advanced ‘pets’ that ought to never be kept by the common person (nonetheless, the handful of exceptions to this rule ought to be granted the chance to state their situation and privately own a ‘restricted species’ with out getting a zoo or so-named sanctuary).

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